Off Lease Car Inspections    

When you return your lease vehicle back to the leasing company, it is you that is responsible for any damages the lease company deems as excessive wear and tear. What is normal wear and tear?


This will be different between individual leasing companies.  Most leasing companies will let you slide on a few minor nicks and scratches. But they will charge you full retail price for repairs such as body damage and other damage.


Therefore it is better you would prepare the vehicle for turn in before the final inspection occurs. You can fix the car cheaper on your own by shopping around for the best prices on the needed repairs.

Trade-In Used-Car Inspections   

·  Our on-site trade-in used-car Inspections better the odds in buying used.

·  Our on-site trade-in car inspection brings a professional pair of eyes to the transaction.

·  Inspections supplement a vehicle history report by evaluating a car's current condition.

·  The experts will pinpoint any current and existing conditions as well as highlight potential issues that           could arise in the future.

·  We’re  independent an experienced  experts.


Get a professional car inspection!

Don’t buy a pig in a poke.

Avoid the Traps!

Vehicle Shipping Inspection         

To ensure the safest vehicle shipment, our experts can inspect your vehicle immediately prior to and following transport. They will inspect the vehicle’s exterior and document all pre-existing scratches, dents, dings, and other damage. A poorly-inspected vehicle can result in denied insurance claims due to insufficient evidence .