Not-At-Fault Accident Appraisal  

In case you've been in not-at-fault accident you got the right to hire an unaffiliated

and impartial automotive appraiser of your choice.

The opposing insurance must except and pay for it ( exception Fender Bender)

The appraisal will contain:

  • Car Value before accident
  • Residual value after accident
  • Costs of repair
  • Repair time
  • Diminished Value
  • Loss of use classification
  • Car rental classification
  • Loss of use time

The appraisal, we will send to you, your lawyer  or to  the opposing insurance.

Diminished Value Appraisals    

Diminished value is the automatic loss in value from a collision. Almost every vehicle that has been in a wreck will have some form of inherent diminished value. It depends on car age, market for second hand cars, car millage.


It has been estimated that many consumers would not buy a car that had been in an accident. Many would not have a car that had been in a wreck unless they were given a large discount. Insurance companies mostly do not acknowledge the right to recover diminished value!


For Example:

The value of your car is €20,000. One day, another car hits you, causing €7,000 in damage. Your insurance company pays for the repairs.

Although your body shop does an excellent job, and your car looks as good as it did before the accident, your car is now much less desirable having been in an accident, if you decide to sell it now. The buyer would no longer be willing to pay you €20,000, but instead might offer €19,000. In this case, the diminished value would be €1,000.

Cost Estimate for Fender Bender ( minor damage )   

In case your car got a small external damage visible to the naked eye, the

opposing insurance will not pay for the appraisal. They will pay for a cost estimate only. Standard practice is for costs of repair under 700 €, the opposing insurance doesn’t pay for the appraisal. But be alert if your bumper is shopworn. Very often, behind the bumper is a hidden damage. If you are not sure, just give me a call. Then we will decide what to do locally.